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Curbside Compost Collection

Lower your Carbon Footprint


Our Curbside Compost Collection service is here for you and your family!  We are providing a hassle-free, simple and fun way to make better habits.   

Here is how it works: 

The very first step is become a site member, the website will prompt you to enter an email and password once your choose your plan, so you can manage your Composting Plan!

1. Choose your plan! 

 Decide whether you need 1 pickup every week or 1 pickup every 2 weeks 

 (all plans earn 20 lbs of compost in the Spring and Summer)

 2. Receive your Compost Kit

Once you have successfully signed up, a team member will reach out to gather the details of the pickup location.  We then hand deliver our collection buckets to you the next Monday!  

 3. Start Composting!

 And that is it, simply divert your kitchen waste to our collection bucket instead of the household trash.   Each pickup period we will replace the bucket with a clean bucket and see that your waste is not being wasted.  

 4. Tell a friend!

 If someone you referred successfully signs up, you earn a free 10 pound bag of Vermicast, so forward this  page to anyone who loves the earth and plants!

Vita Nova thinks GREEN

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Vita Nova uses solar power, collects rainwater and all the materials used to make Vermicompost is recaled, and diverted from Landfills.  In 2019 we diverted over 21,000 Pounds.  As our community grows so will our diversion totals!  We believe together we can make the biggest impacts, If you join us whether at home or at work, you can trust your impact on our Mother Earth will be greatly reduced.   For example, one year of diverting your food waste equates to 10 fully mature trees absorbing your Carbon.


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Hands in the Soil

Need Vermicompost?

Naturally Organic, Eco-Friendly, Nutrient Rich

Learn from the Experts!


Feel great about your choices and your impact.  Lower your Carbon Footprint, do your part and start Composting today! 

Make a major difference while setting a great example for younger generations.  Share us with your friends and businesses that should be Composting!