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            Vita Nova translates to New Life.  To us New Life means new habits, new ideas, new practices, and new benefits. 

There is a waste issue in our country, the average family of four can create 400-800 pounds of organic (recyclable) waste per year.  This waste is not properly disposed of and sits in landfills, resulting in the release of dangerous methane gases.

            Vita Nova Compost is a GREEN company working towards creating a negative carbon footprint.  We will achieve this by operating within a zero footprint strategy. All the necessary electricity required is generated from solar panels.  Furthermore, the water used in our systems is collected rainwater.  By diverting community waste from landfills we are lessening greenhouse gas emissions. 

With the diverted material, VNC creates an organic, nutrient rich compost.  The community will be able to replenish their soil by using the fertilizer we offer. 


We believe that by sourcing locally, VNC and our community can exponentially lessen greenhouse gas emissions from landfills in our area. 

74 Airport Rd
Westerly, Washington County 02891