How far will one bag of VermiCast go?

1 Pound :  One pound is great for feeding your favorite plants, helping a struggling plant, or brewing a homemade batch of VermiCast Tea.  Simply use 1- Tbsp per gallon of soil you are trying to feed. 



5 Pounds:  Five pounds will feed 20 transplants 1 cup per root system.  With five pounds you could 'Top Feed' your favorite 15 potted plants a healthy dose of nutrients.  This is enough to amend a 2' x 3 (6 cu ft) raised bed every 3 months.  Lastly brew upwards of 50 gallons of VermiCast Tea. 


10 Pounds:  Amend 75 pounds of soil with 10 pounds of VermiCast. Give your Garden, houseplants, lawns, trees, bushes and shrubs the diverse array of powerful nutrients they deserve.  Great for a 2' x 6' raised bed (12 cu ft)



20 Pounds:  Amend 150 pounds of soil, make upwards of 150 gallons of VermiCast Tea, feed your garden and lawns! Great for one  3" x 8" bed (24 cu ft)  


30 Pounds:  Amend 200 pounds of soil, make upwards of 200 gallons of VermiCast Tea, feed your garden and lawns! Great for two 2" x 9" beds OR one 3' x 12' bed (36 cu ft) 



You can always use a little more or a little less! 

I have 10 smaller plants, they stay indoors and I want to feed them all year long! What would you recommend? 

My grower has me and 9 friends just like me (5 Gallons), we grow all year round inside our home.  What would you recommend?

I grow Veggies outside in the Summer! I also have a greenhouse for the winter,  my garden is 4' x 8' What would you recommend?

I grow alot in the summer!  But in the winter I only need Castings for my houseplants. What would you recommend?

Rules of (Green) Thumb

By Volume:  Use 1 part Castings to 3-4 parts potting soil

By Square Foot: 1/4 -1/2 pound of Castings per square foot of soil

Top Feed: Scratch 1/2 inch of Castings into your bed every 3 weeks 

Potted Plants: 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of soil as top feed or use "By Volume" when transplanting or sowing. 

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