Use Worm Castings in your Compost piles to aid decomposition, give your lawn the living soil it needs to thrive, or make a Compost tea as a soil drench or foliar application!

Whether you are starting with seeds, transplanting, or want to feed existing plants Earthworm Castings are the right choice for you!

How far will one bag of VermiCast go?

1 Pound :  One pound is great for feeding your favorite plants, helping a struggling plant, or brewing a homemade batch of VermiCast Tea.  Simply use 1- Tbsp per gallon of soil you are trying to feed. 



5 Pounds:  Five pounds will feed 20 transplants 1 cup per root system.  With five pounds you could 'Top Feed' your favorite 15 potted plants a healthy dose of nutrients.  This is enough to amend a 2' x 3 (6 cu ft) raised bed every 3 months.  Lastly brew upwards of 50 gallons of VermiCast Tea. 


10 Pounds:  Amend 75 pounds of soil with 10 pounds of VermiCast. Give your Garden, houseplants, lawns, trees, bushes and shrubs the diverse array of powerful nutrients they deserve.  Great for a 2' x 6' raised bed (12 cu ft)



20 Pounds:  Amend 150 pounds of soil, make upwards of 150 gallons of VermiCast Tea, feed your garden and lawns! Great for one  3" x 8" bed (24 cu ft)  


30 Pounds:  Amend 200 pounds of soil, make upwards of 200 gallons of VermiCast Tea, feed your garden and lawns! Great for two 2" x 9" beds OR one 3' x 12' bed (36 cu ft) 



You can always use a little more or a little less! 

I have 10 smaller plants, they stay indoors and I want to feed them all year long! What would you recommend? 

My grower has me and 9 friends just like me (5 Gallons), we grow all year round inside our home.  What would you recommend?

I grow Veggies outside in the Summer! I also have a greenhouse for the winter,  my garden is 4' x 8' What would you recommend?

I grow alot in the summer!  But in the winter I only need Castings for my houseplants. What would you recommend?

Rules of (Green) Thumb

By Volume:  Use 1 part Castings to 3-4 parts potting soil

By Square Foot: 1/4 -1/2 pound of Castings per square foot of soil

Top Feed: Scratch 1/2 inch of Castings into your bed every 3 weeks 

Potted Plants: 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of soil as top feed or use "By Volume" when transplanting or sowing.