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2019 In Review!

What a great year we were able to have Composting!

In total we diverted over 20,000 Pounds of waste in our area from being sent to the Landfills where they are damaging to our environment. We project to divert 100,000 Pounds in 2020, Start helping us reach that goal by signing up TODAY?

Our Curbside Collection Community continues to grow as we reach new people every week at the Velvet Mill Farmers Market, also follow along on Social Media @VitaNovaCompost!

We are working with Local Businesses,

community members, and Farmers to

"Close the loop" and make wasting a thing of the Past!

Vita Nova offers Weekly and Bi-Weekly Curbside Compost Collection.

We completed our first Hoop House at Barlowe Nature Preserve! Add your email to our Newsletter and get invited to our Grand Opening in April!

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