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Teaming with the Community

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Over the next year, VITA NOVA COMPOST will do great things;

-Here are just a few that come to mind -

-Expanding our Vermiculture Systems!

-Collecting more Residential waste!

-Farmers Markets!

-Finding more ways to use natural power in our systems!


We are so happy to have the opportunity to use new land and mostly salvaged materials to build a 20’ x 60’ Hoop House, where our thermal compost and vermicomposting systems can operate. Using BioMeilers, Solar Heaters, Solar Panels, Rainwater Collection, and Gravity fed watering systems, VNC will be completely self-sufficient.

One of our main goals is to introduce to people the value of recycling our food. One person contributes hundreds of pounds of compostable matter to landfills every year. The process in landfills releases harmful gases into our air and will continue to do so. We want you to start contributing to a better planet and better life. IF you sign up, and let us recycle your food waste you will no longer be filling our landfills, but rather our compost beds, your gardens, and ultimately, your mouth with delicious food grown from our contributions.


The Velvet Mill In Stonington CT


VNC will be:

- At the Stonington Farmer’s Market at The Velvet Mill in Stonington CT Saturdays from 10-1:30

- The Westerly Land Trust Farmer’s Market in Downtown Westerly on Thursdays from 10-1 in July

Follow along on social media @VITANOVACOMPOST on Instagram and Facebook to find out when and where else we will be!


We are so excited to use new methods over the 2020 winter to heat and keep our worms warm and cozy. Over the fall we will be holding a Biomeiler Workshop where everyone can learn about how they can harness natural heat in their own backyards! Using flowing water, and biological thermal heat, you could use a biomeiler to heat your home. We will build a biomeiler to heat our 1200 sq ft Hoop House. We are thrilled that we are still 100% self sufficient: all of the water used is collected rainwater, and we use solar panels while the sun is shining.



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