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Vita Nova Compost at Barlowe Nature Preserve

In April 2020 we will be having an opening ceremony to celebrate the beginning of a great new Farm in Westerly Rhode Island! The Westerly Land Trust is partnering with Vita Nova at the Barlowe Nature Preserve in Bradford, Westerly. We will be able to triple our Worm population in the first year, and that means more “Waste Diversion!” Our new space was built in house with almost 30% recycled materials, will be fully sustainable and “Off Grid”. We are so happy to be working with such a great organization, The Westerly Land Trust is always looking to give beautiful land a beautiful story and this story is going to be great!! Barlowe will be a fully functioning vegetable farm, a flower garden, host a farmer‘s market, and is a great place to find hiking trails! Keep your eyes and ears open to hear updates about when we are having our “Member Appreciation/Grand Opening Get-Together“

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